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Parties to save power to save the planet

8 December November 20, 2007

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On 8th December 2007, the Global Climate Campaign is calling for the largest international marches and public meetings on Climate Change that the world has ever witnessed. Hang out a white flag. If you can’t get to a march or meeting, use the occasion to have a power party. Just have a get together for any reason you want, but tell guests that part of the reason is to save power in all your homes.


Blackout Halloween October 15, 2007

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The perfect Power Party. On 31st October, turn off all the power, light your candles & pumpkins. The official moment to black out is 4-5pm, but you may as well keep it going. Roast some tatties on a fire and put your facepaint on in candlelit dimness for that extra scary factor. Invite friends round to join in, and remind them to leave the power off in their houses.  


Walk the Line power party event August 10, 2007

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Fancy a nice summer Sunday stroll, a short journey with surprise elements and a picnic thrown in? Then on August 12th join artist/historian Maurice Maguire with haiku poet and artist Paul Conneally and others on a guided journey through the changing landscape of the Birmingham Kings Norton 3 Estates.Starting from the Masshouse Members Club, a short walk along the canal towpath will take you to the entrance of the Kings Norton canal tunnel – the Wast Hill Tunnel. We will then trace the above ground route of the tunnel as it runs underneath the 3 Estates, over the Wast Hill to the Hopwood end of the tunnel. As this is roughly two miles suitable shoes should be worn. Transport will be available to complete the return journey to a picnic/buffet and discussion including a poetry reading back at the Kings 3 Café on The Fold.

Over the past 200 years, the canal has been the one constant feature of this area. The contours of the landscape we see today were formed to a great extent by the excavations carried out during its construction. How the Kings Norton 3 Estates area has developed in the past and particularly how it may develop in the future is the theme for what promises to be an entertaining and informative journey.

The event is free. To book your place, and for further details please call Rita Fletcher on 07877503392 or email to rita_fletcher111@hotmail.com

WALKTHELINE is a POWER PARTY. Remember to switch off any appliances, lights etc before leaving home.


Ungreen implications of the Clean Neighbourhoods Act August 3, 2007

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I’ve just been contacted by my local council to warn me that I should be liable to a fine of £75 per poster (I put up loads over 3 months) for advertising a local no-profit power party event. I had no idea, and I’m sure nobody in my community had any idea, that it is now illegal to put a little poster on a tree. Our community thrives on using trees as noticeboards. I was feeling a bit miffed when I started to notice that as soon as I’d put up a poster, it would get taken down. I’d assumed somebody was being antisocial. But it was the council workers, who clearly had nothing better to do than to sabotage our event. When the council rang me, they suggested a less offensive mode of publicity would be to flier every house. Now, most people I know get annoyed at the endless shower of pizza leaflets through their doors. It’s much greener to put up a poster on one tree in every road. One positive outcome of the conversation with the man from the council is that he agreed to put up a community noticeboard.   


Party without Pollution July 11, 2007

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Come to the Party Without Pollution!

The ‘Party Without Pollution’ community festival is taking place on Saturday 14th July
from 12pm-6pm in Kirkup Gardens opposite Parklands School on Simonsway,
Wythenshawe, Manchester. It is free, suitable for all ages and everyone is welcome.
The Party Without Pollution is part of the Wythenshawe Forever project which is
raising awareness of climate change issues in Wythenshawe.

The ‘Party Without Pollution’ will be powered by clean green energy and the energy
saved and generated during the Wythenshawe Forever project and will feature:

* A live music and dance stage showing some of Wythenshawe’s best talent
compared by Mrs Barbara Nice (aka Holy Mary from Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights)
* Solar and pedal powered karaoke
* Children’s craft area making kites and musical instruments from scrap
* Live street art
* Bike rickshaw rides
* Local food and tea party
* Generator X’s solar powered cinema
* The climate change security blanket knit in- bring knitting needles to join in!
* Bike polo game
* Games in the PowerStation
* Stalls, giveaways and a whole lot more!

Come along and bring your friends!

see www.w4e.org.uk

The project is organised by a community radio station; Wythenshawe FM, an ethical
artists collective; UHC and an environmental resource centre; MERCI and it is
funded by DEFRA’s Climate Challenge Fund

For more information contact Eleanor Hoad on 0161 436 4165 or 07974 934 917 or


Organise This July 1, 2007

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Organise This is an event management company that specialises in sustainable events. http://www.organisethis.co.uk/sustainability.php There may be other companies that do so, but this one is really active and very up front about their green-ness, and without a hint of flakiness. It’s really impressive that they’ve worked with the British Standards Institute to develop sustainability standards for managing events. See the link for more about conferences on sustainable events. 


March 15, 2007

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Power Down

I was invited to write an article on Power Parties for the Green Girls Global site. Gloria read it and told me about Power Down. http://www.myspace.com/powerdownordie Speaking as someone who loves music but doesn’t go to gigs because of their loudness (too loud to hear it, too loud to talk over it), this is fantastic. The next one is on May 26th. “Power Down is the idea that modern citizens can have a night of musical entertainment without leaving a huge carbon footprint. That means no lights, no refrigeration, and most importantly…no amplification. An important aspect of this movement is to dispel the assumption that the only music that can be acoustically played is that of a bunch of miserable young men with acoustic guitars. We’ve all heard that, and it bores most of us to tears, and hence, you won’t find that at Power Down. Power Down aims to bring a large array of genres to an open minded audience, from Hip-Hop, to Jazz, to Pop, to yes, Folk. There is no reason why all of these different art forms, as dependent on electricity and modern computing as they seem, be stripped bare to their acoustic core. Present a musician with this task, and let’s see the result, who knows what it will sound like. Hopefully it will be intimate, intense and enlightening from the lack of barriers between the audience and the artist, air being the only remaining medium. “