Power Parties

Parties to save power to save the planet

Not sure if I’d do it myself…. March 9, 2007

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A friend of mine, who has poured her energies into environmentalism and the arts, said although she supported and spread the idea she wouldn’t hold a Power Party herself, as ‘it isn’t quite me’. I can understand that. It might seem a bit worthy. If you feel the same, I want to suggest a really easy way of doing it. You don’t have to organise a Power Party and give it that title above any other. If you just put a tiny mention and a link to this website on any invitation, even if your do involves sitting under patio heaters next to huge music speakers, it will remind people to turn power off at home and save power getting there. Think of it like a party off-set!  


Share your party invites & images February 23, 2007

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This movement needs materials to make Power Party invitations.

The first priority:

Are there any designers willing to make and share a logo that says This is a Power Party, including a link to https://powerparties.wordpress.com?

The second priority:

Any copy or illustrations that show positive ways of saving power when you get together, especially reminding guests to turn down/switch off before they leave home and use a green way of getting there.

The third priority:

Share your photos of Power Parties 

Upload all your contributions to http://flickr.com/groups/powerparties/