Power Parties

Parties to save power to save the planet

About Power Parties February 18, 2007

Power Parties is a movement to get together to save power to save the planet.

Your events can save power by:

1) Reminders on your invitations to turn down power before coming out

2) Organising your party to use less power

3) Raising awareness of power-saving through your event

How can you get involved?

1) Have more parties, even just with one friend

2) Badge your event as a Power Party. Upload your designs for Power Parties invitations to this group on http://www.flickr.com/groups/powerparties

3) Share your ideas and news on this blog. (Look at the posts in the Archive for some news.)

How did the idea start?

I have a lot of ideas but I usually just talk about them. When I had the idea for Power Parties I thought I would put it into action, using a blog and a Flickr group and see if it would catch on. I’d love to see people sharing creative ways of using the contemporary arts, science communication, radical technology or community engagement to make their Power Parties a success. But even if you just decide to pop round to a friend’s house to watch TV together, it would make a change. If you would like to make regular posts as an editor please email me on bridget.mckenzie@flowassociates.com, or feel free to leave a comment.  


3 Responses to “About Power Parties”

  1. Such a simple but good idea. The addition of some or even just one ‘Power Party – Power Saving Tip/Slogan/Request’ to the publicity materials of events already scheduled and the striving to use Power Saving techniques and technologies at events / parties is a great way to have fun, raise awareness and help save the planet at the same time.

    Will start doing this straight away.

    Anyone thinking of using a sound system sould consider the Rinky Dink Sound ystem – based in Bath.

    Paul Conneally

    aka ‘Little Onion’

  2. Here is a link to Rinky Dink…


    Essentially a sound system where the audience provide the power by cycling…

    this site is quite old but ive attended quite big party co-organised by Baka Beyond where the system worked beautifully… 6 bikes on the go at a time…

  3. Went to a meeting today to explore the possibilities of putting wind generators on a school site – i brought up Power Parties wit a suggestion that the school and maybe all schools in the area – could follow the Power Parties lead and put messages on the bottom of letters home inviting parents to events at school tp turn down power / switch of lights etc before coming to the event… an even better idea is to perhaps do workshops with the school pupils and get them to come up with their own straplines to urge parents and community to undertake a power saving act before leaving the house for the end of term performance or parents evening etc…

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