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Get to this exhibition January 23, 2008

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Here’s something you can do to get together and get out of the house:

Go and visit the exhibition coming soon (well, April 5th 2008) to the Science Museum in London, called Science of Survival. It looks into the future, to 2050, to explore how we will be challenged to live on our planet and it challenges us to make changes now to our lifestyle. More information on http://www.scienceof.com/?lid=283 

It will tour lots of cities around the world over 5 years, so it should make a big impact. Our company, Flow Associates, is designing and writing lots of e-learning materials to accompany the exhibition for schools and young people internationally.

“This exciting and empowering exhibition encourages you and your family to make choices about both future lifestyles and your individual impact on the environment. We take turning on the tap or going to the supermarket for granted but how could drinking and eating change in the future? How we travel to work and school or even how we spend out leisure time have unforeseen consequences. And what sort of neighbourhood do you want to live in?”


Power Parties in the Metro

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Apparently, this website was in the Metro (free London newspaper), though I can’t find mention of it on their website. It’s good to be getting a bit more publicity. We’re still hoping to design an e-badge and widget so that any events you organise can be easily tagged as Power Parties, helping to remind people to power down at home when they get together. If you can help with this, please email bridget.mckenzie@flowassociates.com