Power Parties

Parties to save power to save the planet

Plant exchange parties February 28, 2007

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We’re planning a local event that will include a planting ceremony in our park to celebrate 200 years since the end of the slave trade. I had an idea that the planting day can include a plant exchange. We can invite people to bring plants (cuttings, seeds etc) from their gardens and offer them for other people to take. We can make sure that people write their names and addresses on the marker sticks as a reminder of who you made the exchange with. I like the idea that we all have each other’s plants in our gardens as a way of making links with your neighbours. It’s a simple kind of event that you can organise with just some local publicity and by providing some marker sticks. You could add a cake exchange too so you don’t go hungry.    


Map your Power Parties on Platial February 24, 2007

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Can I draw your eyes across to the Platial map? You can put your power-saving parties, events, walks and clubs on this map. It’s dead easy. Just click on the map and go from there.    


Share your party invites & images February 23, 2007

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This movement needs materials to make Power Party invitations.

The first priority:

Are there any designers willing to make and share a logo that says This is a Power Party, including a link to https://powerparties.wordpress.com?

The second priority:

Any copy or illustrations that show positive ways of saving power when you get together, especially reminding guests to turn down/switch off before they leave home and use a green way of getting there.

The third priority:

Share your photos of Power Parties 

Upload all your contributions to http://flickr.com/groups/powerparties/


Home Alone

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When my Auntie went out in the evening she always used to leave the heating and the lights on for the sake of her cats. She worried that she’d return to find them stiff with cold, and hungry because they wouldn’t be able to see their way into the kitchen in the dark for their crunchies. Well, most of us know that cats don’t need night-vision goggles but you could knit yours a dinky blanket. This one is donated by my mother-in-law.


Hillabaloo February 20, 2007

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Power Parties can happen every time you go out or invite a friend round. But, if you’re making an event of it, you could badge it a Power Party. This could mean just saying ‘This is a Power Party’ and linking to this site. Or you could design an invitation to make it really obvious. 

We’re planning a proper party that will be a Power Party. It’s called Hillabaloo. It celebrates views and visions of our community, Telegraph Hill. This hill used to be the site of an optical telegraph, passing messages across Kent’s hills from the sea to the Houses of Parliament. The centrepiece of the party will be Willett & Patteson’s Amazing Camera Obscura. Plus all kinds of activities to do with looking. Sun prints, photography, spot the ball, treasure hunts with magnifying glasses and binoculars, shadow chasing, watching the Earth turn and stargazing. More details to come when things are more sorted.    


First day

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power tower

The power parties idea has been alive one day. I’ve told about five people and three of them have been really enthusiastic. One person has said it needs rebranding because ‘parties’ makes you think of revved-up decadence and Tequila slammers, yet ‘saving power’ makes you think of sitting in the dark and shivering with your hot water bottle listening to your wind-up radio. Hmmm. Well, we don’t all have to think of it that way. Anyone want to share my hottie? Terry Wogan’s just about to start.  


What are Power Parties? February 18, 2007

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Power Parties is a movement to make parties that save power to save the planet

Your events can save power in one or all of these ways:

1) Your invitation reminds people to turn down the power at home.

2) Your party is organised to use less power.

3) Your event raises awareness of ways to save power.

 How can you get involved?

1) You have more parties.

2) You send a Power Parties invitation, or a link to this blog, to remind them to turn down the power before leaving the house.

3) You upload your designs for Power Parties invitations to this group on http://www.flickr.com/groups/powerparties/ for others to use.

4)  You send ideas and news to this blog.